Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Department


Code Enforcement

Robert J. Lira, TCEQ-DR, BPAT

Texas Code Enforcement Officer

Texas Certified Flood Plain Manager

Business Hours

Mon -Thur 8am - 5pm

Fri 8am - 12pm

Please allow up to a 72 hour window for inspections once reported.  

Inform. Inspect. Improve.

The mission of Code Enforcement is to educate the public and gain citizen compliance on health, safety, and quality of life issues. The City of Brookside Village residents need and deserve to live in a safe and healthy environment. Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing city ordinances. The division is authorized to pursue criminal and civil remedies to abate nuisances for the purpose of maintaining a safe, sanitary and clean city.


Code Enforcement - Environmental Concerns

Flood Plain Permits (dirt)

High Grass and Weeds

Trash and Debris


Substandard Structures